Anonymous said: we are the same age and i also have a bunion it sucks so much because all i want to wear is pretty shoes but literally everything makes my feet hurt apart from old converse, fuck bunions!

What I wanna know is whether there’s a market for pictures of feet w/ bunions in the foot fetish industry and should I be cashing in on this injustice


Oh and I can’t wear my docs anymore because they hurt my BUNIONS, I am actually 90 years old, dermatologists hate me


My teeth are shifting around really rapidly, I have no gap in between my front ones now and they’re getting crooked at the bottom. I know it’s a super pathetic thing to be upset about but my teeth have always been the one thing about my appearance I was 100% happy about and I want to cry thinking about losing that waaah


Feel bloody rubbish about my appearance, like 10x more than usual. I wish I didn’t feel so useless when I don’t like how I look hmm :-(


*looks into the camera like Jim from The Office*

*looks into the camera like Jim from The Office*


So content :—-)




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Does anyone remember those ice cream things that came in a silver bag(?) and there was like five different tiny ones all different colours and they had hard coatings and faces and I think the packaging had something to do with the I scream you scream song


I’m going to go bare legged to work tomorrow (woah) mostly because I’ve put holes in all my tights and I have a practically floor length duster coat that will cover them but still 👏 go me 👏 only the second time this year


Nose nose nose appreciation