My mum won a magazine makeover in 1996 and it’s the best thing ever “Wendy made it back to Leeds in time to party”


Keep seeing so many lasses being mean about Kylie Jenners lips, are you forgetting that she’s a seventeen year old?? Please, like you didn’t make absolutely terrible makeup decisions in your teens (also she looks incredible regardless of whether she draws them on or not bye)


My birthday this year was probably the happiest I’ve been in like six years, I’ve always hated my birthdays because they’re always the worst ever but aaah it was the nicest thing, I grin so much every time I think about it!!! I love everyone involved in tht day so much


Is this dress and skirt gross in a cute way or just gross?? I kinda love the dress but hate the underboob stitching and deffo love the skirt but its made from like fleecy material hmm, help me I need new uniform 


Most of this is food related but !!! I’m so excited

Most of this is food related but !!! I’m so excited



kidzbop is gonna be like “my anaconda don’t want none unless u like fun, hun!!”

"oh my gosh. look at her heart!"

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My next two weeks rotas are sweet though, I have this weekend off, working Monday to Thursday then holiday for a 10 days 🙌


I haaate working 12-9, I’m so grumpy and tired and just want pizza SO MUCH and I have to get back up at eight ugh 


this video from 1:30 and this one from 12:10 make me ridiculously excited, the actual dream!! I think this is probs the closest I’ll get tbh 


Totally appropriate for work skirt

Totally appropriate for work skirt