I’m feeling rly bad about myself and I need someone to drop what they’re holding or maybe cry a lil bit because of how hot I am

Last night I deleted my gross “”“‘thinspo’”” folder on my phone (that’s not what it’s called but that’s basically what it is and I think that might make me feel a bit better

  1. ro-zap said: i’d give away my eyeballs and chop off my fingers and toes for ur body
  2. catscratch-fever said: I would kill for that body!
  3. madebymillie said: crying all over myself
  4. avodaco said: swoooon
  5. gargoylegf said: you’re beautiful
  6. pourwhiskeyongraves said: Excuse me can I kiss you?
  7. twasbrillig said: Oh my actual gosh, you dream.
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